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The Dick Davis Dividend - Straight Talk on Making Money from 40 Years on Wall Street

Kirjoittaja: Dick Davis
Julkaistu: 2007
Kieli: englanti
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What can you say about successful investing that hasn’t been said before? How many different ways can you say buy good stocks cheap, diversify and control your emotions?

The Dick Davis Dividend doesn’t avoid these truisms but it adds others seldom discussed: the seldom acknowledge role of pure luck; the irrelevance of news; the under-appreciated durability of major trends; the over-exaggerated value of homework; the predisposition of investors to fail; and the curse of being totally and instantly informed.

These are just a few of the strongly held, often unconventional views of a savvy 40 year veteran who speaks from a unique vantage point. Dick Davis is a pioneer in the financial media and has been talking to investors since 1965. He was the only employee of a member firm of the N.Y.S.E. to work full time broadcasting "in depth" market reports. He did so via radio, TV, a syndicated newspaper column and a newsletter ("The Dick Davis Digest"-no longer affiliated).

The first half of the book is titled, "Deepest Convictions About Successful Investing After 40 Years On Wall Street" and the second half of the book is titled, "OK, So What Do I Do With My Money?"

Davis makes a compelling case for combining both passive investing via index funds and active investing via stocks and mutual funds. He focuses on 28 models, buy-and-hold, index fund portfolios, each one recommended by a leading authority in the world of indexing. Included are the favorite index portfolios of Burton Malkiel, John Bogle, Ben Stein, Jonathan Clements, Andrew Tobias and 23 others.

With advice described as "timeless wisdom" by best-selling author Andrew Tobias, The Dick Davis Dividend details what the investor is up against and how he can deal with it successfully. It’s a bluntly honest, heartfelt message written with clarity, directness and empathy that resonates with readers.

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